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Hire talent without payroll or agency fees

Find immediate joiners from a pool of skilled talent shared by companies like you.

Share employees on bench for short or long term

Earn revenue out of your free employees while still holding their payroll



Save upto 60% on the salary paid to full-time employees while ensuring higher net productivity.

Upskill employees

Having a diverse set of in-house domain experts helps upskilling existing employee base.

Flexible employment

Minimize cost if demand fluctuates while ensuring employees get their full salary.

High Salary

Earn more salary than the industry average.

More exposure

Acquire critical skills by working on a diverse set of projects at the same time.

Flexible Shifts

Break continuous work shifts into smaller ones ensuring higher productivity.

How it works to

an employee

Post a job

Post a requirement with details like specialization, sharing proportion, work shifts etc.

Get Matched

Get profiles matching your job. Take interviews via one click video calls. Select the best fit.

Sign Papers

Sharedpro helps in paperwork between companies and the employee.

Collaborate Easily

Use Sharedpro App to decide work shifts, monitor projects and time shifts etc.


Invite or list your employee's profile for sharing. You get full control over what details you'd like to share.

Get Matched

Our software shows best profiles to the client. You get notified once your listed profile is selected.

Sign Papers

Post signing papers with the client, you start receiving payments from the client.

Collaborate Easily

Use Sharedpro App to decide work shifts, monitor projects and time shifts etc.


In The News

Feb 27, 2020 | Business Today

Sharedpro: This startup allows employers to share human resources

Broadly, there are three shades of employment. There is regular employment, contractual and freelancing. This decade's avatar of freelancing is the gig economy where the worker is an independent contractor who relies on digital platform companies for work. But what if some of the rules of the sharing economy are Continue Reading

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