Nurse Practitioner
HCG Hospital, Vadodara
Full-Time Job

Job Description

  • Have to provide nursing care to the patients and support to the doctors
  • Have to administer medicines according to the time stated on their charts
  • Have to ready the patients before any surgical procedure and even talk to the family about the procedures
  • Have to ensure that all dietary requirements are followed by the patient
  • Have to ensure that patient is in a hygienic condition and should provide them with sponge baths everyday
  • Have to check on the patients during their rounds and even inform the other nurses when there is a change in the shift
  • Have good composure as patients can get serious any time and may have to be taken to the intensive care unit
  • Have a gentle touch as they are ones who conduct invasive procedures like placing on intarcath, catheter and giving injections
  • Have to ensure that charts of all the patients are accurate and up to date


Salary : INR 200000
Experience (Min) : 1.0 Years
Job Location : Vadodara


Nurse / nursing / Sister