Give a better candidate experience from an attractive careers page to managing candidates applying on different job boards

Customizable career page

Create/Edit careers page without consulting an IT developer

Custom domain integration

Careers page can be integrated on your own custom domain. Job board integration

Job board integration

Automatically source candidates from google for jobs, LinkedIn, Naukri etc

Email Sync

Automatically create a candidate profile via CV emailed by candidates or hiring agencies

Candidate dashboard

Candidates track their applications without creating an account

Chatbot Support

Candidates get real-time support on their applications

Appointment Scheduling

Available time slots visible for rescheduling

Application Status

Real-time application status visible for all the jobs applied

Omni-channel dashboard

Candidate dashboard visible on the web app, WhatsApp, phone call etc


From drag and drop interview scheduling to integrated video call with recording, make your working hours more productive

CV Parsing

Advanced CV parser accurately fetches 99% of data from CV. Candidate Database

Candidate Database

Automatically create local database of candidates with details like activity of users, candidate etc


Apply advanced filters on the data extracted from CVs

Custom User Roles

Add vendors, recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers while defining their access to the features of ATS

Employee Referral

Automatically track which employee referred a candidate with a unique trackable URL

Interview Scheduling

Send interview invite to 100’s of candidates simultaneously by just Drag & Drop

One-click video call

One-click video call with options like Record, Chat, Screen share etc.

Candidate pipeline

Multiple users take successive interview rounds in a collaborative manner.

Interview Timeline

Track entire journey of the candidate in your company

Custom Email Templates

Create custom email templates to be sent on actions taken by your users

Social Media Automation

Reply, DM automatically on twitter to candidates looking for a job.

Job Requisition

Track internal job requisitions with an option to approve/decline with comments


From getting candidate suggestions based on job description to seeing crowdsourced data, equip your recruiters to take better data-driven decisions

Candidate suggestion

Best profiles suggested from local database based on their historic data in the company


Custom reports to assess the performance of your team, channels etc

Crowdsourced skill ratings

Average ratings for skills given in different interview rounds in the company.


From hiring full-time employees on sharing to listing profiles of current employees for sharing, unleash the power of employee sharing.

List current employee for sharing

List employees to give a part of their time-shift to another company.

Post a sharing job

Co-hire an employee on sharing.

Mobile app for collaboration

Use Sharedpro App to decide work shifts, monitor projects and time shifts etc.

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