Source candidates effortlessly

Sourcing candidates is the building block to a successful hiring. It needs to be equipped with all the modern tools to not only attract the best talent but also to convert them into applying to your job openings.

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Employer Branding

Build an employer brand that candidates can fall in love with. From attractive careers site to a simple application process, make your jobs an eye catcher infront of the job seekers.

My Candidates

Let our software suggest best-fit talents from your candidate database based on factors like past ratings, job description etc using Machine Learning.

Promote Jobs

From automated listing of jobs on google, indeed, linkedin to sharing your job on social networking sites, make it happen with just one click.

Automate repetetive tasks

Repetetive tasks can eat upto 33% of the productive hours for recruiters and hiring managers making their hiring process slow. With sharedpro you get to schedule interviews, send emails, conduct interviews and a lot more for 100's of candidates just with a single click.

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Schedule Interviews

Schedule interviews for 100's of candidates with our drag & drop calender feature. No need to send calendar link with available slots, now take control of whom to interview first. Candidates looking to reschedule can see which slots are free to suggest a different time to the interviewer.

Video Interviews

Integrated video calling feature to help you stay organized with your hiring team with an option to record the calls.

Full Control and Transparency

No need to call the candidates and the interviewer to and fro for tasks like confirming the interview slots, asking for feedback etc. Keep yourself updated with real time updates on all the activity of the candidates and the interviewer.

Collaborate with peers

Working with your team members in an organized manner can help streamline the hiring process in an effortless way. With Sharedpro, invite interviewers, send or replace candidates in the next round and democratize the hiring process with a single click.

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Invite Interviewers

Invite interviewers for subsequent rounds of interview to conduct either video or onsite interview. Send candidates in the next round with their feedback and ratings with just one click.

See Activity

See the candidate's response to the interviewers in the next round. Follow up with those who aren't responding, replace the candidate with another one with a single click.

Democratize the hiring process

Interviewers in different rounds can themselves schedule/reschedule interviews, select/reject or get response from the candidates, as a hiring manager follow up with only those candidates who are not responding.

Predict with crowdsourcing

Recruiters and hiring managers work hard to source and evaluate hundreds of candidates for every single open position only to find a single best-fit talent. We connect recruiters and hiring managers across different companies to help each other in their hirings with their evaluated data.

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Skills ratings

See the ratings given for different skills of the candidate in past interviews either from interviewers of your own organization or any other organization.

JD based suggestions

Get suggestions of candidates from your database based on the job description of the job posted.

ML based suggestions

Get suggestion for candidates based on the pattern of choices made by the interviewers in different rounds of the interviewer.

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